Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Dr. Gilson

Published: Oct. 11, 2019 at 1:33 PM CDT
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One may not realize that when they go to the doctors office, what that say is in some way a vital. What is more important is how well their doctor listens.

"You know listening, sometimes it is hard to figure out those problems. Just listen and try to figure it out. Sometimes it falls in place sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it takes longer and sometimes you have to call in a specialist to get help figuring it out, " said Dr. Gilson.

Dr. Gilson truly listens to his patients and uses his wisdom from experiences to help make the most accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Gilson's nurse, Sandy Harvey stated, "There are things that the patients can come in and talk about and he will know exactly what is wrong with them. He has seen it, he's done it, he knows, you can't beat the experience that he has got. "

It's this experience that helped one of his patients discover they had cancer when they only came in for a minor issue. Through his intuition, he was able to inform the patient but even more so he walked with them through every step, as if they were family.

"Well lets put it like this I want that kind of doctor that is seeing me. I want one that I can trust, that will listen to me and believes in me and is willing to take the time to take care of me," according to Dr. Gilson's wife Sharon Gilson

Dr. Gilson is more than your family doctor, he becomes part of your journey

Dr. Gilson claimed, "After a while the are pretty much family, especially since some folks I have been seeing since I've been here. I got here twenty-seven years ago, and I've grown old with them.

Sandy explained, "We have some patients who refuse to see anybody but him. They will call and if he can't see them today they will wait till the next day. They just literally want to see him and only him."

Dr. Gilson's grandkids think very highly of him as Hadley stated, "If somebody's bleeding come to papaws office and he will fix them up."

Providing his experience, his love, and care for his patients is just part of his character.

Sharon stated, "He's the kind that drives down the interstate, and if there's a turtle on the side of the road and looks like it is coming over, we have to stop! He picks up the turtle and moves the turtle over, that is the kind of man he is."

Hadley ended by stating, "He is a great man, and I love him and he does work very good."

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