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EDMONTON, Ky. (WBKO) -- Whether it's calling out numbers for a simple game of bingo, serving lunch to clients, or inviting them over to her home for holiday dinners, Deana Dyer does everything at Golden Years Adult Daycare in Metcalfe County with a full heart.

"Deana has done a lot for me. There's not one thing that she's done, she's done several things that mean a lot to me. She has helped me in lots of ways when I need help. I can go to her and talk to her, she'll give me her advice, and it really means a lot to me just to have a friend to go to and talk to," says Darlene Schindler, the client who nominated Deana to be a Hometown Hero.

Darlene has been coming to Golden Years every Monday through Friday for the last two years.

"I want to come here, I don't want to stay home because if I stay home I would be sitting in my depressed mood and I would be sad all the time," she says, sitting on a couch holding Deana's hand.

"We have clients who don't have families and this is their family. They come here and they get what everybody should have, what their families should have and to me, that's wonderful," says Deana, who serves as the facility's activity director.

But if you ask anyone inside the building, it's not the facility itself that's wonderful. It's the staff and clients inside, especially people like Deana.

"She takes that extra time and effort to make every client feel special," says Executive Director and Office Manager Lisa Gearlds.

"She's a really hard worker, she puts others first," adds Chrystal Carson, LPN Director.

"The job that we do here, we do it because we love the people," says Deana. "They're my family and they know it," she adds, talking about the clients and the other staff members.

Several staff members and clients say Deana makes sure everyone feels special. They say during the recent cold spells, she's opened up the center at night, making sure clients had a warm place to go if they didn't have heat. She also brings food to clients in their homes, paying for it out of her own pocket. She says she just can't imagine someone being cold or going without.

"I'm absolutely no hero," Deana says. "Never have been, never ever thought about that. I just do what I love doing. Everybody that works here is a hero."

Clients say things like, "She does everything and she keeps us laughing."

They also add, "She's family and we need family at our age."

Deana has had her fair share of struggles over the last few years, from losing her daughter, to needing a double knee replacement. But clients at Golden Years and co-workers say she never lets her down days overshadow her bright personality, and desire to serve others. For that, we honor Deana Dyer as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.