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PARK CITY, Ky. (WBKO) -- For the last 57 years, Ray Houchin, lovingly known as "Doc" has worked as a Doctor of Chiropractic in Park City.

A new chiropractor, Dr. Shirley, has now started taking over the pratice for Doc as he phases into retirement.

"It never was work. It was always a pleasure to go to the office," says Doc.

"Doc was just family. He wasn't just a doctor, you know, he became our family," says Laurie Dearing, a long-time patient of Doc Houchin's.

The chiropractic office still looks much like it did when it first opened, from the sign out front to the patient rooms. The patients say that's part of the small town feel and hospitality this office provides.

"When my daughter was born, her right foot was kind of turned out," says Kara Dearing, another one of Doc's patients.

After doctor visits in other, larger towns, Kara was told her daughter would need several forms of treatment.

"Special shoes, special braces, you know, the whole thing."

But after taking her to go see Doc, "Within two weeks he had her hip right back where it was supposed to go. And her foot, you couldn't ever tell there was anything wrong with it," Kara adds.

"Well, I've tried to be good to everyone. And every patient is special to me," says Doc.

Patients say he also never let money be an issue.

"Anyone that couldn't afford it, I just gave it to them," explains Doc. "Well that's just being human."

"We love him. And a lot of your doctors today, it's like they don't care. And everybody knows that Doc genuinely cared about his people," says Laurie.

As Doc goes into retirement, his plans are to spend more time at home, which is on the street that's been named after him for nearly 30 years, Ray Houchin Road.

He'll continue taking care of his cattle and sheep on his property, but says he will always be thinking of his patients.

"I feel so blessed that we were able to contiue our service," he says.

For his service to the entire Park City community, working more than half a century, we honor Doc Houchin as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

Doc will have a retirement party on Saturday, February 17 at 2 p.m. at the Rocky Hill Volunteer Fire Department. Laurie is in charge of the event and says all are welcome to join in.