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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- From the Wendy's 10k classic to the Med Center Health 10k classic the one thing that's always been consistent is Dr. Carl Kell.

"He's really the Father of road racing in Bowling Green" Joe Tinius

Running may be a hobby for some but it's a true passion for Dr. Kell.

"The first race in town was 1976 around ____ subdivision, 2 miles. Nine people in the race. I finished 8th and the reason I didn't finish 9th is because the fellow behind me had a bad limp" Dr. Carl Kell

Now this race has gone through a lot of changes in the past 39 years but what may give Dr. Kell the most pride is seeing not only the husband, but wife, and the kids turning this into a family event.

"In 2018, everybody comes. This years 2018 10k Med Center Classic had 64% women across all platforms of the event. The culture has changed" Dr. Carl Kell

"All the runners in this community owe him a big thank you for what he's done to make our sport what it is here in this community" Joe Tinius

Now that Dr. Kell has stepped down in his role in the race, don't think he's going away just yet.

"I looked at the data. There were 3 men in the 10k 80 and above. There's hope for me, there's really hope" Dr. Carl Kell laughed.

For his nearly 4 decades of dedication to racing in this community, we honor Dr. Carl Kell as this weeks Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

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