Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Kinny Landrum and Trent Ranburger

Published: Mar. 15, 2019 at 6:21 PM CDT
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"Literally it seemed like overnight it happened," said Trent Randburger.

Trent Ranburger and Kinny Landrum are two Bowling Green men that are heavily invested into the community.

Kinny was playing Connect 4 live on his personal Facebook page and that's where it all started.

"As we were playing, people started to join in and Allen Mansfield, one of the guys that joined in said, you guys outta do this for charity. I'm in for 100 dollars," Kinny said.

So, Landrum partnered with Trent Ranburger of Trent Bedding and set up an area inside Trent's store to hold a #Connect-4-Charity tournament.

In less than one week, community members raised more than $2,000 for Kids On The Block in Bowling Green, the first charity benefiting from the game and then again for the American Red Cross this month.

"I'm not a person that's a loss for words, I'm speechless over this. I'm humbled, I'm honored, and I love where we live."

Kinny and Trent were adamant that they weren't the heroes, the community is. Their humble attitude is exactly why they were nominated.

"They both did this, it was a selfless act. They weren't trying to get anything out of it, they just wanted to do it, they thought it would be fun and I really thought they should be recognized for their selfless effort to help non-profits in Bowling Green," said Jamie Johnson, nominated Trent and Kinny as hometown heroes.

"Individuals here in Bowling Green, Kentucky and South Central Kentucky choose to invest their money back in our community to go ahead and play connect for and have a good time doing it," said Kinny Landrum.

Trent and Kinny both say they are amazed by the communities support and they love being able to connect people from all over.

"Connect 4 charity, he brings his connections, I bring my connections. we're able to connect other business owners, community members. You know, we're able to connect everybody for one cause each month," said Trent Ranburger.

It costs $100 for each person to play, and 100% of the proceeds go to a local charity.

"The handshakes, the smiles, the laughter I mean, we have a time I mean it's a good time in here when they come and it's awesome to see the community coming together to play a board game," said Ranburger.

"I'm blessed, and I think I speak for both of us to say we're blessed to see, like he said our hometown south central Kentucky's support a game, for charity," Ranburger said.

But, Kinny and Trent say nothing would be possible without the community's support.

"You know I don't feel like a hero, it's the community, it's our hometown that's the hero," Ranburger said.

That's why Trent and Kinny are this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Heroes.

"and we love our hometown," Landrum said.

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