Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Ron Wolf

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) --- They say actions speak louder than words. The words serve as the inspiration, but the action is where things really happen.

Ron Wolf has been an employee at BGMU for 26 years and has made a world of difference in the community

"I think a hero is somebody that gives to the less fortunate and gives to the community and don't ask for anything in return and that's what Ron does," said Mike Brendley, Wolf's friend."That's what I admire about him, you know, he just does it out of his heart."

Even after three decades working for the community, his urge to serve hasn't wavered.

"He is the most giving individual I think that I've ever known," said Mark Iverson, BGMU General Manager."Every community would wish to have a Ron Wolf in it."

"It is just because he has this feeling in his heart for others," said Tabatha Easton, coworker. "He is a true hero, not just around here but around the community."

"It means everything to me to see the look on people's face and to know you're helping them," said Wolf.

Ron has taken on countless fundraisers for family, friends, and even strangers. But, it's not just his time and energy that goes into it, it's his genuine heart with a passion for helping others.

"He is the most selfless person I've ever met," said coworker and friend Shelley Lowe."When I first started working here, I believe I had been here four years when my son needed a heart transplant and Ron stepped in as soon as he found out and threw a fundraiser for my son, didn't even know me very well and raised a lot of money that helped with medical expenses."

"It really makes you feel good at the end of the day to see the faces on the people that you've done this for and how appreciative they are and knowing that in your heart that you've done something to help them."

"He sees somebody in a restaurant, I've seen him just get up and go over to a veteran and pay for their lunch."

For his selfless dedication to helping veterans, the homeless, and sick children in need, we honor Ron Wolfe has this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

"Nobody deserves this more than he does," said Brendley. "He helps people, he does all these benefits for the community and he is just a great guy."

"You just don't meet people like Ron everyday, if you meet someone like that once in your lifetime, you're pretty lucky," said Lowe.

"It is like having your family right here with ya, I mean, it has for the last 26 years," Wolf said. "It makes me feel good that people think enough of what we've done."

"I've used this phrase before, I wish we could find a way to just clone him, because we would all be better for it. If you had one of a hometown hero of the decade, Ron Wolf would be candidate number one," said Iverson.