Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Simpson County Superintendent Jim Flynn

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - At Simpson County Schools, Superintendent Dr. Jim Flynn is one of the forefront decision-makers.

"He always puts kids first you know, he's got that motto 'kids matter most' and makes sure that whatever decisions we are making we have the best interest for all of our students at heart," said Shelina Smith, Chief Academic Officer.

Dr. Flynn has left a resounding impact on the community as well as his students.

"We've been able to do more, our sports teams are excelling our academics are excelling. I think our community as a whole is impacted in an even brighter way. When our school systems are doing great, we have a better workforce," said student Morgan Burk.

"He's a really amazing dude, you see him around, he'll speak to you and ask how you are doing. If you ever need anything, he will be there for you. that's one thing I will miss - is having that father figure of somewhat to look up to," said student Tre Bass.

Students and faculty say Flynn is someone to look up to, and someone who is there to fight to ensure every student has an equal opportunity.

"That has always been my focus to figure out how to personalize the learning for every child, and help them be the best they can be," said Flynn.

Having been selected as the Executive Director of The Kentucky Association of School Superintendents, Flynn will soon be retiring from his current role to go on an inspire the 173 other superintendents across the state.

"He has chosen to make that difference now with superintendents to make them better superintendents at their schools," said School Board Member Heidi Estes.

The students, faculty, and community say they will miss his presence and his push for others to never settle.

"He loves pushing me and challenging me, I think that's what I'm going to miss. We never settle for anything... it's like you better do your best. And we just keep pushing each other," said Smith.

Flynn says he has faith and confidence in the next person who will take over his role.

"My advice is to always put students first. Make sure you are serving, supporting, and leading them," said Flynn.

As he prepares to leave his family at Simpson County, they wish him happiness and the best of luck.

"I hope that he gets to enjoy this part of his career and that he gets to look back at the legacy that he has left behind at Simpson County Schools, and i just wish him the best of luck cause he deserves it," said Smith.