HOMETOWN HERO: Special Edition

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WBKO -- This week, we honor a very special Hometown Hero. We're not focusing on one person, but instead, a whole community of people, covering several counties who have shown what it means to be a true hero in times of need.

With the recent snowfall adding up in Bowling Green and surrounding areas, several schools and business shut down for days. But for some, work had to keep on going, and over-time was expected.

In this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero, we focus on the men and women who helped clear the roads, keep our lights on, and do their best to keep us safe during these wintery conditions.

Of course there is no way to thank every person, and even this story is sure to leave someone off the list.

From the transportation cabinet and local road crews, meeting up with 13 News several times to make sure viewers were updated on road conditions, to the electric companies and linemen sending out information to customers if power needed to be restored, and to those who let us ride along, like KSP, and show viewers a look at road conditions -- we thank you.

From all of us here at 13 News, we thank you all for your hard work, your time outside in the cold, and your dedication to this area no matter the condition. Your work does not go unnoticed.

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