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METCALFE COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) - Most public schools have special programs for people growing up with disabilities. When graduation comes, most parents have to think, what's next? Tina Thurman has made that decision a little easier in her program named "Different Abilities". She plans weekly things for her group members to participate in, from crafts, to cooking, or even learning how to laundry, Thurman creates an environment to help her special needs friends succeed.

"They have a right to be in this community as everyone else does," Thurman says. "We come together as friend, and do some activities, and learn some new skills."

The people who she impacts directly speaks highly of her.

"She puts everyone before herself," Brooke Pedigo tells 13 News. Her sister is a group member, and has been impacted by Thurman's selflessness.

"She's pretty much the only person that works with my sister. Cheyanne loves going with her. She looks forward to it every week, and we hear about it over and over again," Pedigo continued to say.

Group members know that if they need anything, Thurman will be there.

"She's always there, not only for us, but for others when people need her the most," says Cheyanne Pedigo.

"Different Abilities" is not a funded program, Thurman holds it completely out of pocket.

For her heart, and her work to make those who are disabled live the most accomplished life, we honor Tina Thurman as a Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

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