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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Keeping drugs off the street is no small task for any law enforcement agency, but under the leadership of Tommy Loving, the Bowling Green/Warren County Drug Task Force has been able to unite law enforcement agencies on a local and state level, helping better fight crime in our area for decades.

"I've said many times, to a lot of people, that Tommy has pioneered the way that a lot of Drug Task Forces operate on the state and federal level," said Captain Curtis Hargett with the Warren County Sheriff's Office.

"I look at a lot of my job is to facilitate what they do and provide front-line training for our detectives and that helps them accomplish the job," said Loving.

Loving has decades of experience in law enforcement.

As he explained, "When I was 21 I went to the state police academy and had a 27 year career there. Then a little over 20 years ago, I came here as Director of the Drug Task Force."

Loving's work with the Drug Task Force hasn't gone unnoticed. In early September, he was awarded the Lifetime Distinguished Service Award at the annual Kentucky Narcotic Officer's Association conference in Louisville.

"It was certainly an honor, and being the Executive Director of Kentucky Narcotics, they had a secret board meeting that I didn't know about to do this, so it was a total surprise when the president called me up to the podium during the opening of the meeting," Loving explained.

"It was a unanimous decision with board members of the KNOA to award him with this honor," said Hargett.

It's not just Loving who was recognized at the conference. Bowling Green/Warren County Drug Task Force Detective Matt Travis received the KY Narcotic Officer of the Year Award for the Western District of Kentucky.

"We're fortunate to have Tommy and his detectives right here in our backyard," added Hargett. "He's poured into me. I can speak personally and to a lot of other officers, specifically me when I was K-9 for seven years, he made sure that any and all trainings and conferences that would better me, that I was sent to."

"I think that a lot of officers, including myself can credit success because of Tommy," Hargett added.

It's not surprising that Loving is humble when it comes to his work.

"I think first of all, it's not Tommy Loving, it's a team effort," he said. "Like I tell many people -- and I really mean it -- the detectives assigned here over the years make me look good."

For his dedication to the Drug Task Force and representing Bowling Green and Warren County in such a positive light, we congratulate Tommy Loving on his Lifetime Distinguished Service Award and honor him as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

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