Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero presenting a $500 donation to Warren County Humane Society Director Lorri Hare

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- As you walk into The Warren County Humane Society, you are not only greeted with the look of puppy eyes and the sounds of cats purring, you are welcomed into a family of love.

Lorri Hare has worked for the Warren County Humane Society for the past 21 years. As the Director of the society, she has faced many challenges day in and day out. Lorri says, " It puts a lot of gray hair in my head but I wouldn't trade it for the world. No matter how many tears and the amount of sadness that has to be faced, the happiness at the end of the day far outweighs the down times.

Through her past 21 years, Lorri has expanded the shelter and implemented many new projects. Adoption counselor Jasmine Groff stated that " the shelter used to be a rinky-dink society just getting money from the government, but now it is run completely by donations." She goes on to say that " Lorri has done a whole 360 degree with the place."

However, it is not only Lorri's hard work that makes the society successful, rather it is the attitude and positivity that she brings to the table that ultimately leads to animals finding their homes. Jasmine Groff says "Lorri is really big on being positive...that's just who she is and she always wants people to stay positive." This is because ultimately at the end of the day their hard work and attitude determines who does and who does not get adopted each day.

Her hard work and optimism have led Lorri one step closer to her dream for the society. Lorri hopes to one day off completely free spay and neuter with the hopes to reduce the overpopulation problem that we face. Lorri goes on to say that "there is no worse feeling than having to euthanize an animal just because there is not enough space and our mission is to continue that fight till we don't have to do it anymore. We would all be super glad to work ourselves out of a job."

Lorri and the entire team's happiness is fulfilled when they see animals get marvelous homes and the pictures and updates solidify that happiness.

If you would like to be a home for one of these animals or to see who all is available at the shelter you can go on to their website below.

Click here to go to The Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society's Website

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