HOTEL INC making a difference and raising awareness about homelessness in the Bowling Green Community

Published: Nov. 21, 2019 at 4:48 PM CST
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"The way I look at it, If I can do it anybody can do it."

Hotel INC has been raising awareness about hunger and homelessness in the Bowling Green community all week long. One common misconception is just because someone is homeless doesn't mean they do not have a job.

"The top reason every year for the last three years has been being rent-burdened meaning that they were paying out more than 30 percent of their income," said Executive Director of HOTEL INC, Rhondell Miller.

"Oftentimes when a person comes to be experiencing homelessness from being rent-burdened they are paying 50 to 70 percent of their income," added Rhondell Miller.

One local Bowling Green man has overcome the odds and went from sleeping on the streets to sleeping in his new house, debt-free.

"I went from like literally living on the ground-- technically on the ground no tents no nothing literally on the ground; to a car went and had a car for a few months till the car lot took it from me. I started investing in a home with this program down at HOTEL INC. "

HOTEL INC has everyone who has something to celebrate ring a bell and today he got that chance.

There are currently over a hundred members of the Bowling Green community waiting on a list for low-income housing through the Housing Authority.

"We have low-income housing here at the housing authority. We have about 600 units and we have about 260 on our waiting list. From one-bedroom to 5 bedrooms, we move in as many as we can when units become available," said Katie Miller, Special Projects Director at the Bowling Green Housing Authority.

This week HOTEL INC has been hosting events to raise awareness of these growing problems in bowling green. On Thursday, members from the community could visit their headquarters for a lunch and learn.

"We cover a bit of history of HOTEL INC-- of the organization. Our mission, our values, our philosophy, and how we engage with our neighbors in the community. Also, we do give a tour for what is here on our premises and we talk about what takes place off of our campus as well," added Rhondell Miller.

Friday is the final donation drive for HOTEL INC. You can help them meet their goal by driving here to WBKO and making a donation from 8 am to 5 pm.

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