HOW TO: Keeping personal information safe

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The digital forensics and cyber investigation experts said that there are two reasons personal information is hacked, one is to conceal their true identity and the other is for financial gain.

Millstone Labs says that the type of security breach at the Medical Center, is similar to the one Anthem had.

"When a breach occurs, the entity, the company, that this occurred to will offer one year for a free credit monitoring, or more. And we strongly recommend they take advantage of that. And we recommend to everybody to run a credit report once every third of the year," Art McFadden of Millstone Labs said.

There are some ways to keep up with your credit, to make catch a breach early on.

"Credit report, from annual credit It's the only free one sponsored by the U.S. Government. You get a right to one credit report from each of the three bureaus, once a year. So what we recommend is break the year up into thirds. Don't run all three at once, so that way, you're constantly running yourself," McFadden said.

If someone is truly an identity theft victim, they need to go see their local police department and get an identity theft report.

"And they need to go to the Federal Trade Commission's website and get an identity theft affidavit.. It's a document you can download from them for free and it helps you get all your stuff squared away," McFadden said.

Millstone Labs says no matter how secure your information is, someone always has access to it.

"No matter how careful you are at your house. you get a shredder, you don't use public wifi, you have strong passwords on your accounts," McFadden said.

Be careful when you sign on the dotted line.

"When you agree to something, you don't know what you're really agreeing to. Not everybody reads the fine print and we should. I'm just as guilty as everybody else is. But what's happening with that information?" McFadden said.

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