Habitat for Humanity is building five town-homes

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- United Way's 11th annual Day of Caring is coming up on July 24th, it's a day where thousands of volunteers come together to support the community through various projects.

Habitat for Humanity in Bowling Green is building five town-homes on West 12th Street downtown. Volunteers have been helping since May.

Employees have been completing the foundation since the beginning, from the measuring, to the dry wall, to the drilling.

"It'll be a hard day's work," said Rodney Goodman, Executive Director for the Habitat for Humanity. "It's taken a lot of help from across the community."

The Fruit of the Loom Young Professionals along with employees and volunteers will spend their time finishing the homes.

"The Women's Fund of South Central Kentucky has helped us fund this, the United Way has helped us fund this," Goodman said. "Pitching in and getting involved in your community, helps make your community a stronger place."

The Day of Caring will be a lot of hard labor and a long time spent in the heat, but it is all worth it for those in need of decent and affordable housing.

"Everybody needs help even if you don't know how to ask for it. Sometimes being there is just an important thing," said Joel Stuart, volunteer.

"For some people they're not that lucky, so they do need some assistance and so a house like this is perfect. This could make someone's dream home," said Barry Washer, Habitat for Humanity employee. "This means so much to people that you might not ever even meet, but it is not the fact of gratitude, but the fact of what you get to do for others and to find someone who is willing to do that, that's special, and we need more people like that."

This project will involve construction activity on five town-homes hopefully to be completed by October of this year.

United Way's 11th annual special Day of Caring is coming up on July 24th.

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