Haley Wright and Kyle Torrence

Haley Wright
Cumberland County High School
Haley scored a 24 on her ACT and maintains a 3.9 as a junior at Cumberland County High School. She would like to practice veterinary medicine on large and small animals in Carbondale, Colorado. She is involved in the Academic Team, Track & Field, Beta Club, and FFA. Haley is a Governor’s Scholar and serves as the Junior Academic team leader at her school. In her spare time, she enjoys attending Bible school, writing fanfiction, watching anime, learning Japanese, and exercising.
Kyle Torrence
Warren Central High School
Kyle maintains a 3.8 GPA as a junior at Warren Central High School. He plans to attend college in order to pursue the pathway of medicine to become an Emergency Medicine Doctor. He is a student ambassador at his school and serves as the captain of his school’s golf team. Kyle is involved in Warren Central College Academy, Student Voice, Dragon Council, Gold, and the Student Ambassadors program. He likes to spend time with friends and family to enjoy time together and keep self-happiness while also making time to continue to improve and gain knowledge of golf.