Bowling Green locals' house turns haunted, transformed into "The Abyss"

Published: Oct. 10, 2019 at 4:47 PM CDT
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John Ezell and his partner Lana started decorating their home into what is now, "The Abyss" around July.

"I'm just a big kid that never grew up," said John. "Lana and I had four grandkids when we started this. It got to where we'd have a halloween party every year, well they all grew up and we just kept doing it."

The family put three months of preparations into the haunted house, capturing the spooky season in every inch of their home. They've been opening the house up to the public for 10 years running.

"It just snow balled, a little bit here. You add here. A little here. We started out just doing the front, the dinning room and the living room of the house. Now we're covering the whole acreage around here," said John.

And the reactions that the family receive are on point with the holiday spirit.

Pre-tour of “The Abyss” it’ll be open in 2 weeks! More tonight on 13 News at 10!

Posted by Brandon Jarrett 13 News on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

"I see people just come in snickering and laughing and like oh my gosh you sleep in this house," said John.

The family want to make one assertion clear about their house. It isn't all about the decorations/appearance, the spooks are real.

"I tell everybody, we are a haunted house. There are things that go on here. We see orbs, we have doors pop open," said John. "I've seen shadow figures."

"We are a legitimate haunted house and around this time of the year when we start putting out the halloween stuff it gets a little more active every year," said John.

The haunted house is made free to the public. John says he doesn't want to charge anyone and he just wants to give back to the community what the community has given to him.

John says the house will be open within the next 10 days. Just wait until you see the back yard!


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