Harley Davidson: Cross Country Chase stops in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Owners of Harley's from 1930-1948 made a pit stop in Bowling Green on Monday. The caravan of motorcycles are a spin off of the Motorcycle Cannonball.

This was the first annual Cross Country Chase. Riders started in Michigan and they're travelling all the way to Florida.

"This is our first annual event called the Cross Country Chase. It's a product of our sister event the Motorcycle Cannon Ball which we've been doing since 2010. The Motorcycle Cannon Ball we do on the even years, every other year we got kind of bored so we decided to do this on the off years," said Director of Operations, Jason Sims. "Kinda really change it up from the other event. I really wanted to put a ride together with about 70-100 motorcycles to do a man vs. machine in the best back roads of America."

One rider said the most challenging part of the ride is the age of some of the bikes.

"The most challenging part is to get machines that are 70 or some years old and to get them from the Canadian border to Key West Florida without breaking down. You expect to fix some stuff you expect to make some repairs just getting to the finish is the ultimate challenge,' said Harley owner from Oregon, Michael Cables.

"This is something that my husband started, we have been riding bikes all our lives. We have been together 20 years. About 6 years ago he decided he wanted to get involved in the Cannonball and we started looking for bikes that would fit the criteria for that," said Harley owner from Massachusetts, Andrea Labarbara.

The group will stop at various Harley Davidson dealerships on their way to Florida. The shops will provide the group with free food and a place to tune up their rides along the way.