Hart Co. Sheriff's Department recovers nearly $30k after wire fraud scam

Hart County Sheriff's Department
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HART COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Hart County Sheriff's Department is investigating an act of fraud they believe started in California.

They say someone's bank account was hacked in California, and a fraudulent wire transfer was sent to someone in Hart County, who they say was an elderly female not part of the crime.

The office says a fictitious person had started a relationship over the phone with the woman for several months, and then said he'd send her money. Once the money was received, he requested she that money to another person in Florida.

She was told to cash the checks and send the cash, amounting to nearly $30,000, to the individual via UPS.

Hart County Sheriff's Department intercepted the UPS package before it was flown out of state. The was cash returned to the bank and then the victim in California.

The Hart County Sheriff's Department advises people to remember some key ways to help prevent fraudulent scams like these.

They say that no legitimate government agency will ever ask or demand money over the phone. A legitimate organization would not request money from you in the form of gift cards or prepaid credit cards, and no jail would allow you to bond someone out with gift cards.

Just because a number appears local, does not mean it is. You can still be hacked even through anti-virus software on your computer, so if you receive an email from an unknown source, don't open it.

Hart County Sheriff's Department says they work to do everything they can to help in the event of a scam.

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