"Harvey" relief efforts likely heading to Florida in anticipation of "Irma"

Published: Sep. 6, 2017 at 7:37 AM CDT
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Countless emergency responders from around the country have been working countless hours for more than a week as the devastation of Hurricane Harvey still lingers in Houston as the rest of the world fears what could happen to Florida and the Caribbean islands as Hurricane Irma makes her way through.

On Tuesday, in Memphis, Tennessee, nearly 80 emergency personnel from the city fire department's "Task Force One" came home to their families.

William Stacks says it was a special moment reconnecting with his wife after those long hours away from home.

"Pulling in the parking lot and seeing her standing there waiting on me makes all it - already forgotten. I'm ready for tonight, tomorrow, and the next few days - just rest."

Stacks will definitely need his rest because local reports say that the Memphis task force was activated once again and will be headed to Florida Thursday morning ahead of when Irma is expected to make landfall.

The same kind of situation likely goes for many other volunteers, military personnel, and emergency response teams.

Hurricane Irma reportedly reached Category 5 level wind speeds Tuesday morning and maintained that ferocity into Wednesday morning.

The monstrous system has been recorded with max winds speeds of up to 185 mph. It is expected to impact Florida on Saturday after already crashing into the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other Northern Caribbean islands.

But despite the danger, the task force responders from Tennessee say serving those in need is a humbling experience and that they are ready to do it again.

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