Heat and Drought hard on Cattle

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- We all know how dry it's been this summer, and now it's affecting farmers' livestock.

When it's this hot, dairy cows don't produce as much milk, and beef cattle don't put on as much weight, because there's not as much grass because of the drought.So farmers are having to use the feed they stored up for the winter, now.

"Winter feeding's one of the most expensive inputs that we have in cattle production," said Warren County Ag Extension Agent Joanna Coles. "And so when we start using those resources early it's gonna bank for a long winter."

Coles says UK has a forage resource tool to help farmers determine how much inventory of stored feed they may need to get through the winter, and farmers can get that tool by contacting their county ag extension agent. And she said, "Pray for rain."

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