Heat thermometer tests the temperature of everyday items in the Summer heat

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- It doesn't take a heat thermometer to know it's hot outside, but it sure does verify the need for some shade.

Even people at a water park were searching for ways to escape the heat.

"It's just so hot. Figured we'd come out here and cool down," says Barry Burlington, who was visiting Russell Sims Aquatic Center on Sunday with several family members.

While he found that much-needed shade on a bench, others took to the water. It was a day for sunscreen for sure.

After talking to people at Russell Sims for around 30 minutes, 13 News reporter, Darby Beane, got back into the news car. Using a heat thermometer, she tested to see how hot the steering wheel had gotten in that amount of time -- and it was more than 113 degrees.

So, hot hands -- but what about feet.

The pavement temperatures in the parking lot of WBKO and at Russell Sims both reached nearly 140 degrees according to the thermometer.

For some people out on Sunday, they say the heat didn't seem that bad.

"We played 18 rounds of golf, and it was really fun playing with my dad," says Alton Bridges, a soon-to-be 5th grader.

"This golf course we're at, Cross Winds, has some shade to it, some trees, and just a perfect day for a game of golf," adds his dad, Robert Bridges.

But the guys were prepared just incase the sun got too strong for them.

"Momma Bear made sure we got sunscreen on before we went out and bug spray, so we were ready," added Robert.

For anyone curious about how hot some golf clubs got on Sunday, Alton used the heat thermometer and found it they were just over 102 degrees.

And Allie who was spending the day with her family at Covington Woods Park, says she didn't mind the heat either, but ...

"My other favorite thing to do in the summer time is going swimming," she told 13 News.

And she helped test out how hot playground equipment was, too.

What we found:

Slides in the sun reaching between 130-140 degrees, tire swings again in the 130s, and monkey bars around 113.

So, have fun -- whether you're swimming, or golfing, or swinging.

But remember -- if you're hot outside after a few minutes, this equipment that's been in the sun all day is probably even hotter.

13 News wishes everyone a safe and happy Summer!

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