Helicopter moved from the Bowling Green Warren County Airport to Aviation Heritage Park for restoration

The Sikorsky SH-3 helicopter has been sitting at the Bowling Green Airport since march and it was time to bring it to its new home.

The helicopter originally was in Jacksonville, Florida and made the journey to Kentucky a few months ago.

The airport was out of hanger space for the helicopter, so restorations could not take place at that location.

The Helicopter moved out to the Aviation Park onto a concrete slab where it will stay until the hanger party next year.

The journey for the copter began by making its way down the runway and out of the back of the airport where BGPD were waiting to escort it down to the Heritage park.

From the airport to Lovers Lane, personnel walked the helicopter down on to Scottsville Road, then turning on to Three Springs Road and walking it all the way to its final turn into the Aviation Heritage park.

The aircraft made it safely onto its new temporary home.

In the next few days, it will be "soda blasted" and then a tent will be placed over it while restorations take place.

"Well we are hoping to have it done next June for our Hanger Party which I believe if I remember it's about the 17th of June. It is the third Saturday of June every year." said Jerry Roark, chairman of Restoration Committee for Aviation Heritage Park.

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