Helton family excited to return to Bowling Green, WKU

Published: Nov. 27, 2018 at 4:11 PM CST
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When a new coach comes to town, a new family follows.

For Western Kentucky University football's new head coach, family is a priority. Helton took time to thank his family before getting into questions with the media at a press conference on Tuesday. He especially thanked his wife, April.

"She is my agent, she is my pride and joy, she makes it all go 'round for me," Helton said of his wife.

April, WKU Football's new First Lady, has her hands full. This will be her first gig as wife of the head coach, and not to mention, the mother of four.

"It just felt like it was time and it was the right thing to do," said new WKU Football First Lady April Helton. "I was really excited for Tyson."

The oldest, Shelby Grace and Presley, know the lay of the land on The Hill. They remember roaming the facilities and campus when Tyson was an assistant at WKU under Jeff Brohm.

"I love the football team and the fight song and cheering for the football team," said Shelby Grace.

"I was excited because I already knew everyone here, so all my old friends texted me," said Presley. "I also remember the fight song and cheering in the stadium. I loved it here."

If you ask the twin boys, Clay and Cole, what their favorite thing about WKU is, the answer is obvious:

"My dad being the head coach," they both agreed.

A new head coach in Helton received a warm welcome back to The Hill with his family by his side, ready for another ride.

"For us to go tell our kids again, 'hey we're moving again' to get to tell them that we're moving back to Bowling Green was really a wonderful, wonderful thing," April recalled.

If there's one thing that has the Helton family the most excited about their return to Bowling Green, it's the gracious community.

"When we were here before, the people were so nice, they were always so nice, and it's like coming back home," April said.

A big day on The Hill indeed, and a happy homecoming for a happy family.

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