Frozen in Time | Hilltop Quick Stop continues customer service tradition

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EDMONSON COUNTY,Ky. (WBKO)-- Hilltop Quick Stop in Brownsville originally opened in 1969 and, after a short closing, re-opened in 2001.

Through all its years Hilltop has always employed full-service gas attendants.

"We are truly a full-service station, so you pull up to the gas pump - if you need air in your tire we will put air in your tire, if you need the fluids checked we will check those fluids," said Kyle White, owner of Hilltop.

While some states are looking to pass laws making it mandatory to have gas station attendants for safety reasons, White says for them the choice to employee attendants wasn't for safety reasons, but good old fashioned southern customer service.

"A lot of farmers that need help filling their tank, filling their tractors, filling their trucks. We just want to provide the customer service and hopefully, the people that we have working are fulfilling that," said White.

Hilltop also gives back to the community hiring high school students as attendants.

"We have always worked high school kids of the evenings, to me that's been a really important part of our business. I know that it's a little cliché - we want to help the kids, but in today's time, here I sound like my grandpa, 'back in the day' but in today's time most communication is done via text, via social media and there is nothing like being face to face with a customer," said White.

"Can't say enough about not just my customers - even if you don't stop and buy gas off of us - we love our hometown, we love our county," added White.

White also tells 13 News those customers are some of the most wonderful people.