Home Expo offers housing tips to the local community

BOWLING GREEN, Kentucky (WBKO) -- The 2018 Home Expo is bringing the South Central Kentucky Community together as vendors offer all the housing tips one may need.

"A lot of helpful resources. There really is." says Jeff Halter, who's about to install a new in-ground pool.

The event offers tips on building new homes, additions, decor ideas, and even landscaping advice.

"There's so much we learned today that we didn't know what was available in the community. It's been very, very helpful." says Kim Halter, Jeff's wife.

Hosted by the Builder's Association of South Central Kentucky, they say that the event attracts a wide variety of people in the community for a number of reasons.

"What we're able to do is bring in companies that give you tiny ideas that'll make your house fun, but a lot of new products and services for the home that people may not even know about." says Anita Napier, CEO of the Builder's Association.

Those on the other end say everyone needs to stop by.

"These are vendors that offer the products you need in your home. You have to do it, have to." mentions Jeff and Kim Halter.

In the Expo's 37th year, it's become apparent that the building industry continues to be a driving force of South Central Kentucky's economy.

"You've got people who can increase the value of their home. It's a win-win for local economic development." adds Napier.

The Home Expo will continue until 3 p.m. on Sunday at the Sloane Convention Center in Bowling Green.

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