Homeowners concerned Beech Bend Road widening project won't solve traffic problems

Published: Nov. 20, 2019 at 4:30 PM CST
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Changes coming to Beech Bend Road are meant to make drivers happy, but for homeowners the changes have some feeling angry.

A construction project to a section of Beech Bend Road is moving forward after recent events at Beech Bend Park caused major traffic jams at times complete standstills for hours.

Bowling Green and Warren County officials are widening a section of the road, with the intent to help alleviate traffic congestion, though not everyone thinks it's a good idea.

"This is just a bandaid and I'm not impressed with it one bit," said Harold Biebel, a homeowner on Garvin Lane.

The project consists of widening a section of the road from Garvin Lane to the entrance of Beech Bend Park to three lanes, with two of those lanes being used for traffic going into the park during the large events.

However, homeowners think it's a waste of time if the park doesn't add more entrance gates.

"That's the answer, not making this one way this and one way out the answer is get the gates open," said Biebel. "There is plenty of parking they don't have to be parked for five hours on Beech Bend Road and that's what happens."

City officials told 13 News are aware of the traffic issues and acknowledge the road is only part of the problem.

"And I know they are going to work on the entrance end of it where they are checking people in and taking the fees, and dues, and fees, and so forth to try to move that a little faster," said Bowling Green Mayor, Bruce Wilkerson.

However, city officials say for the bigger picture, the decision to widen the road is crucial for the continued success of the park.

"So we've got to do something, whether this is the best thing or not I don't know, but the engineers tell us this is a good shot at it so we're going to take a look," said Wilkerson.

Utility work on the project is set to begin this winter. Road work is scheduled to begin in Spring 2020 and take 4-6 weeks.

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