Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Doctor Kelly Kries

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Doctors are admired by many. They save lives and they are heroes. But, a certain doctor here in Bowling Green is much more than that.

"Dr. Kries deserves to be a hero because she's an excellent clinician, beyond that she is also just an awesome person. She really connects with her patients," said Rachel Tinius, mother of two.

A doctor's job is to save lives, but Dr. Kelly Kries does more than that, she deeply impacts lives.

"My daughter is two and a half and her favorite thing to do is pretend she's Doctor Kries. For me as a mom, I can't think of anyone better for my daughter to emulate," said Tinius.

"I was completely humbled and I just can't believed to be considered for this great honor," said Dr. Kries, pediatrician.

"She goes above and beyond the call of duty in so many ways," said Tinius.

"Kelly Kries has driven to Vanderbilt and sat in chairs with me many times waiting on results that were uncertain. She climbed in my hospital bed when my second son was born to tell me how perfect he was," said Kyla Byary, coworker and long time friend.

"My son was hospitalized when he was three months old and she was at the hospital visiting with us before work to see how he was doing. At the end of the work day should would come by and do procedures and tests," said Tinius. "She connects with the parents as well, you know as a mom of a two and a half year old and an eight month old, a lot of times when she shares anecdotal examples or things from her own family that really just substantiate kind of what you're feeling and what you're going through."

"Oh, my patients are my babies, when they do great things in the community, I feel just as proud as a mom and I love seeing these kids grow up, from these little itty bitty babies to seeing who they become, it is the best part of my job," said Dr. Kries.

"She also just does everything with a smile on her face," said Tinius,

On top of her duties at work, Kelly volunteers at her church, travels on missions trips to Guatemala and is on the Child Advocacy Board.

"I think I have a unique role as a physician that I'm able to give this skill set in the community and so I want to use the gifts that I've been given to help others and it's a really nice privilege to be able to do."

For her selfless dedication to children and their families, and her loving demeanor that touch so many, we honor Dr. Kelly Kries as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

"She's basically a rock-star," said Byary.

Dr. Kries says it's an honor to be in the company of all our local "hometown heroes" and she feels blessed to be able to use the gifts God gave her.

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