Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Elsie Carpenter

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AUBURN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. is in the need for blood and one Auburn lady is doing her part in a drive that can save millions of lives.

"Back in the early 70's, they had an Optimist Club in Auburn and these men were going have a blood drive. Well they had it two or three times and they just flopped out. Our Church Women United, which is a group from all 8 churches in Auburn, furnished the refreshments. We usually had sandwiches and cookies to serve to everyone that came. When the Optimist Club just quit they handed it over to the Church Women United," according to Elsie Carpenter, coordinator of the blood drive.

Elsie Carpenter felt it in her heart to help with such an important cause and has continued the drives tradition for 45 years.

"It's monumentally important that someone champions The Red Cross' effort and she's been doing it whole heartedly for over 45 years," said Elsie's friend Mike Berry

According to Elsie, "I've donated 32 pints myself and my husband donated 57 pints while he was donating. I still work with it, even though I don't give blood here. I just got a little to old, if they say you can but I don't think you can!"

Mike claimed, "She's actually touched a number of lives, not just those who have given blood but those who are going to receive the blood later and helped saved countless lives. She's an unspoken hero in my heart."

However, it's not only the donating and hosting the drive that Elsie does, she's is there for those who are scared.

"Sometime you will have people who will pass out or people who just need a little support and encouragement when they get there and see the needle and some of them want to back out. She can actually calm you down with her voice and demeanor," claimed Mike.

Elsie explained, "We do have a person every once and a while pass out, but we get them a drink right quick and they come back alright."

"We've never lost one totally," Elsie chuckled.

The donating process is not complete until you have had some of Elsie's famous pinto beans!

Elsie claimed, "They sure love my pinto beans, I cook four pounds of pinto beans every time we have this."

From personal experience, Elsie's pinto beans are some that you definitely don't want to miss out on! So take some time to go donate at their next drive as Elsie has no plans of stopping soon.

"It's still needed, it's just still needed that it and I haven't found anyone to take my place yet," according to Elsie.

For her countless hours of volunteering, 32 pints of donated blood, and some famous pinto beans we honor Elsie Carpenter as this weeks Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.