Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Gina Powell

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- As students head to class they are surely going to run into obstacles throughout the day but one staff member at South Warren Middle and High School is providing the help they need both at school and at home.

"So what I basically do in the youth service center is it is a safe haven if kids ever need to come in here for a variety of things.Of course we have school supplies, a school pantry, a lot of times kids come in for snacks throughout the day. We have a clothing pantry as well. We send backpack foods home with kiddos on Fridays for our students who may not have enough food at home," said Gina Powell, The Coordinator of The Youth Service Center at South Warren Middle and High School.

However, Gina's efforts go beyond the school walls. When a family becomes in need of help she is there to step in.

"She goes all out for anybody, She would come to my house and make sure we are ok and whatever we needed she was there for us. She goes to all the food things, she is just really good at everything not just for me but for everyone," according to Dawn Swain, a parent Gina has helped.

Gina explained, "I love Dawn she is just precious to me, she always has been. She is part of a family that I have been able to work with for several years."

When Dawn was diagnosed with breast cancer, Gina didn't want her to walk alone. So she stepped in with her team and staff at South Warren Middle and High School to make sure Dawn wasn't alone in her fight.

"There have been hardships for her physically, there have been hardships for her mentally of course that weighs on you when you are the sole provider of your family and also financially. Again we are blessed with an awesome community that works together and partners together to help others," explained Gina.

They helped provide for Dawn in various aspects but most importantly they took time to love on her.

Dawn explained, "Makes me feel loved and wanted. Anyone who is fighting cancer needs that because you need people to turn to and talk to because it is a really emotional thing, really..."

According to Gina, "There are going to be times in your life when you have to rely on somebody else. You can not always do everything on your own, and again that can come to full circle. A lot of times you have the opportunity to be a blessing for others, but that is what community is all about!"

For going beyond the classroom and helping kids and their families both in school and at home, we'd like to honor Gina Powell as this weeks Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero

"There is nothing that makes you feel better, like when you are having a rough day, there is nothing that makes you feel better than serving someone else," said Gina