Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Rockfield United Methodist Church

ROCKFIELD, Ky.(WBKO) -- Once again, the loving and generous people of Rockfield opened their doors on Christmas Day.

"It's a time when everybody in the church comes together," said Pastor David Oaks.

The Rockfield United Methodist Church started their Christmas meal ministry tradition 17 years ago delivering take out meals to the police and firemen that could not be with their families on Christmas day. From there it grew to now serving more than 300.

"We open our fellowship hall about 12 o'clock and we serve until about 2, " said Cleatie Hughes, volunteer. "This is just something we should do at Christmas time"

Those volunteering truly exemplify the true meaning of Christmas.

"So many of us are blessed with so many things and we just need to be the hands and feet of Jesus and that's what we try to do," said Hughes.

Congregation members and volunteers use their Christmas day servicing other, at no cost to those attending. This is a service that is sincerely appreciated by many with little or no family or friends.

So, for showing that hospitality, love, and compassion especially during the holidays, we honor the Rockfield United Methodist Church as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Heroes.

"I think the Christmas Day meal makes my Christmas special," said Oaks.