Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: BJ Stanley

Published: Feb. 7, 2020 at 1:13 PM CST
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A man with a heart of gold that touched a women's life in a time when she needed it most.

"When we discovered that my husband's aunt had terminal cancer we stayed with her a lot and had people staying with her. One day shortly after we found this out we were there when BJ came to deliver her daily paper," said Vivian Gentry, friend. "It was not anything new for him to stop and talk to her if she was sitting on the porch, but we did mention that she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He said well can I come in and pray with you and he also sang a song."

"We got to be big buddies so every day I went over there and sang a song to her," said BJ Stanley, Hometown Hero.

After learning about her illness every day for 7 weeks while she was in-home care he would take time to come inside her house just to sing to her.

"It not only made her feel good but there were people that were there visiting her and it just you know blessed them, too," added Gentry. "They thought you know there's somebody he's already worked a job all day, he is doing this as kind of his second job. He takes time out to come in and spend a few minutes with her and pray and sing a song so it blessed a lot of people."

Once she was moved into hospice care they stopped newspaper delivery and after she passed Mr. Stanley took a day off of work just to sing at her funeral.

To this day Mr. Stanley still checks up on the Gentry family just to call and make sure they are doing okay.

"My husband was her only nephew locally and so he has called us several times just to see how are you doing, which made me feel good.

For his kindness and an open heart, we honor BJ Stanley as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

"We've all heard those terms you know random acts of kindness and I thought that pretty much fit what he had done except that it did last for almost two months period of time," added Gentry. "But it was not just one random act of kindness, he did it every day."

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