Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Bentley Bush

Published: Mar. 6, 2020 at 6:41 PM CST
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We always need good role models for our kids. In this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero, 13 News introduces Hart County's Bentley Bush from whom we can all learn something.

He's the best big brother in the world," said Bentley's little sister, Alex.

"I'm proud of him," said Bentley's brother Zeb.

"Bentley puts everybody before he puts himself. I'm very very proud, I couldn't ask for a better kid," said Bentley's mother, Ashley Vance.

"Bentley is just always thinking about others," said Shelli Gibbon, Bentley's teacher.

"One of those kids that always has a smile on his face, always kind," said Adam Smith, Munfordville Elementary Vice Principal.

"Bentley is a sweetheart. He is just such a joy to be in our school," said Ryan Scott, Mundfordville school counselor.

"He just has a heart for others and it just really shows," said Faith Gaddie, Bentley's teacher.

To many, getting a haircut is just a routine task, but to Bentley it's so much more.

"When my uncle Alex passed away, I saw a bunch of girls have cancer and no hair," he said.

Bentley lost his uncle Alex to cancer just five years ago.

"He started growing his hair out, I told him it was going to be really hard, I told him it was going to be a challenge," Vance said.

Bentley however, saw it as no challenge at all.

"I think it would mean the world to my brother. Bentley is definitely a kid that is never going to let me brother's memory die," said Vance.

"I think that just shows how compassionate he is towards others," said Gaddie.

"I was amazed that one of our third grade students had that kind of heart to want to help other kids," said Scott.

"The sacrifice that he made of, 'I'm gonna stick to this, I'm determined to get it done.' Amazing for somebody his age," said Smith.

Stepping out and doing something beyond the norm for a 9-year-old boy is just one reason Bentley stands out in his school. His giving heart makes him special.

"He bought his whole class, including the teachers, a rose with his chore money a Valentine's," said Gibbons.

Bentley said, "It makes everybody feel special."

"He said, 'Well I am for sure going to give every little girl in my classroom a rose and my teacher and whatever extra I have leftover, I'll go through the hallways and give them to random teachers and kids," said Vance. "He ended up buying 42 roses."

"It makes people feel good," said Bentley. "I care about everybody here."

"I'm just so thankful because he is such a great addition to our classroom," said Gaddie.

"Bentley is a special kid," said Scott.

Wise beyond his years, Bentley found a way to honor his uncle Alex all while helping other kids feel better about themselves.

"Just shows how good of a person he is, how good of a kid he is," said Vance. "He is a blessing."

For that giving soul and inspiring spirit, we honor Bentley Bush as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

"I'm excited he is getting this award because he really deserves it," said Gibbons.

"I'm so excited for him to be a part of this and be recognized," Smith said.

Bentley said this was one of the best days of his life.

"What does that make you feel like being able to be called a hometown hero?

"Cool," Bentley said.

Bentley's uncle was also honored as a Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero shortly before he died. Bentley said it is an honor to follow in his footsteps.

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