Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Captain Harold B. Leasure Sr.

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MADISONVILLE, KY. (WBKO) -- To support and defend The Constitution of The United States of America IS an oath that many patriots have made.

"That was the thing you did, you served your country and they felt the duty to serve, so they did," said Brook Leasure Jr (Captain Leasure's son).

Captain Harold B. Leasure Sr. felt the calling to serve and enlisted in The United States Military. While fighting in WWII in Germany, Captain Leasure came under fire.

"He was taking his platoon across a bridge when he was shot in the mouth by a sniper. He lost his jaw from here to here and his jaw was replaced. While he was laying there on the bridge, he was shot in the hip and he was also shot in the hand. He laid out there for eight hours before he was able to be rescued, " said Leasure Jr.

His wounds during the war led to him being honored with The Purple Heart.
However, it is not just his service to our country that made Captain Leasure a hero. After various surgeries over four years in the hospital, he returned to Madisonville to join the family business.

"He joined his brother and his father in a machine shop business, welding and machine shop business that they had started in 1935," said his son Leasure Jr.

Captian Leasure continued to work doing heavy operations at the machine shop and he never gave up the fight even while experiencing the pains of his injuries.

His son explains, "It inspires me that my father had the will to live. Somebody that was shot up that significantly, that laid there that particularly long with gunfire over their head. You know with the significant injuries that had the will power to say I'm not just going to die right here. I'm going to do something to save my life."

Captain Leasure has a will to live and a will to show others that no matter the adversity one may face you just have to keep powering through.

"He was full of energy I never heard him say he was tired and even with the war injuries and working like that. I never heard him say I am tired he just had abundant energy," according to Leasure Jr.

Captain Leasure Sr. displayed energy, power, and dedication until he departed Earth in 1963.

"When people talk about being tough either mentally tough or physically tough, well to me somebody has survived all of that had to be both," said his son.

In remembrance and honor for his service to our country and the fight to continue to live, we honor Captain Harold Brooks Leasure Sr. as this weeks Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

Brooks Leasure Jr. said, "He's been such an inspiration to our family for all of these years."