Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Elaine Harper

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MORGANTOWN, Ky (WBKO) -- Time is the most precious gift one can give to another.

"She goes above and beyond, everybody knows her, everybody loves her. She always is willing to help whether it puts her in a bad spot or not," said Amanda Summers.

Elaine Harper's retirement was not your typical retirement. In fact she came back to the workforce to take care of her two disabled grandsons upon the passing of her husband.

"It's been a hard road but I know I'm not the first and won't be the last that's going through a lot," said Elaine Harper

However, it's not just the fact that Elaine had to come out of retirement, it is her precious time that she dedicates to the people of Morgantown.

According to Elaine, "They've been there for me when he was sick and supported me in everything that I've had to do. I just wanna give back to them what they've given to me."

She's giving back not only through service but by dedicating the little time Elaine has in a day.

"I don't really have time because if the kids are there, with their disability stuff I am limited with what I can do. I won't do something without them," said Elaine.

Yet Elaine still lends her limited time to others.

"She'll help me out at the Butler County Senior Center, if my drivers are out or sick, I'll call her, Elaine I need you I know it's your day off but I need you. She'll come and she doesn't complain," said personal friend Cheryl Burden.

Juggling work, volunteering, and taking care of her special grandsons takes up a majority of her time but theres a bigger picture to the story.

Cheryl claims, "She's trying to show her grandsons that you don't get anything in this world by doing nothing, you have to work for it."

Elaine stated, "With their disabilities it's going to be hard-but you have to learn that you got to give in order to receive. Never take advantage of people."

In her heart is exactly where this love and passion comes from.

"When I look at Elaine I see an inner light, you can be having the worst day possible but when you see her it's like so what you are having a bad day, smile and get over it," claimed Cheryl.

For giving the most precious gift to the community, her time, we honor Elaine Harper as this weeks Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

Elaine gives this advice to everyone: "Treat others the way you'd like to be treated."