Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Felicia Davenport

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MUNFORDVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- "It's more than just exercise because they can talk about their problems, you know if their children or their grandchildren are having a problem. Sometimes we will even stop and join hands and pray about it, " said Felicia Davenport, community servant.

Exercise class member Libby Webb said, "Not only do we exercise but we fellowship one with another. We just enjoy being together here and it's a blessing."

It is a blessing all from a free workout that is put on by Felicia Davenport.

"Each one that comes enjoys the class so much. The fellowship and the stretches. It's keeping us young, active, and healthy," according to class member Christine Lobb.

But Felicia not only does this free workout class.

Felicia said, "I try to do a lot of stuff for people. Since I retired I decided that I was going to spend the rest of my life doing things for other people.

Serving is exactly what Felicia has done, from delivering food for the commodity food distribution program to serving for various events in Hart County including the Barn Quilt Project.

Her business friend Janey Cline emphasized, "She's just always been a good servant and that's just an inspiration to me, to do things for the community because it means a lot to everyone."

Felicia's pastor, Glenn Routt claimed, "She knows The Lord and she loves The Lord and I think that makes you concerned for people. She demonstrates that by her actions, by her life, by what she does, what she supports and what she a part of."

Felicia stated, "I just feel like that God puts us where he wants us to be and that's were I am right here in Hart County and that's where I wanna be.

Where she wants to be and where she needs to be which is in a community where her service is very much appreciated.

"We appreciate the work that Felicia Davenport does for our community as well as for her church in Bonnieville. She's been a real blessing to all of us," said Pastor Routt

She is a blessing for her community, this community that became Felicia's home

Felicia said, "I just love Hart County and everybody in Hart County. I just hope they enjoy the things I do. Not necessarily me, just that they enjoy the things I'm doing."