Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Gary Madison

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- To be the light for someone in their darkest day, this is how you could describe Gary Madison.

"Gary is a great paramedic he has been a paramedic for years and he has a lot great skills to deal with really really seriously I'll patients and injured patients but he is also just great with the everyday mill type of run that we do. He just makes people feel really comfortable. He reassures them that everything is going to be ok," according to Jim Berry, Director of Med Center EMS.

Gary Madison explained, "I know I'd like to be calm. You know it is just like the worst thing, you go to the hospital with someone and you are in the waiting room and it is just a terrible wait. It is so much better for people when they stay calm, they actually do better in their physical problem when they are that way. I always said I'd like to treat somebody when we get them like they are my family."

Since 1975 Gary has been helping people when trials come knocking on their door. Right out of high school he started his career in Glasgow and came to Bowling Green a year later.

"Him be selected as a Hometown Hero is no surprise to me at all. Gary is so compassionate about everything he does and the people he comes in contact with. His patients, his EMT students, his fellow coworkers they all just love him to death," said Berry.

"He really helped propel my college education because he taught through stories, he taught through experiences. This man has some of the most extensive experience in this field and so really I look to him as a role model," said Hunter Ricketts, a former student of Gary's and an employee at Med Center EMS.

His calm demeanor and ability to empathize with people has made him such an iconic paramedic.

Berry explained, "It's just his nature, Gary is such a people person. He's going to talk to people, he's reassures them, makes them feel good, builds them up . So I think it is just his nature he is a really good person for Med Center EMS as a spokesperson, I can tell you that, he represents us well."

"I deal with a lot of people, I mean we deal with a lot of people and make a lot of difference in peoples lives and not only in the health part but dealing with the people who are with them and their family. A lot of times it was not saving their lives it was being nice to them in those situations and make them feel comfortable with what was going on," Madison said.

He's not only a lifesaver, he is family to everyone that comes in contact with him, for this we'd like to honor Gary Madison as this weeks Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.