Hometown Hero: Haley Parker

Published: May. 7, 2020 at 7:04 PM CDT
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"There are some that just take a lot more care than others," said Patricia Beckham, Haley's grandmother.

A nurse is technically a person trained to care for the sick, but in reality being a nurse requires so much more.

"There are some people that are there just for a paycheck, but then there are others there that care and she's one of the ones that care," Beckham said.

Haley Parker is a nurse at NHC Healthcare in Glasgow.

"She's really caring. She's always been a hard worker," said Melisha Hines, Haley's mother.

After working to put herself through nursing school, Haley became and RN and took on a tough job caring for the elderly in the community.

"She's professional about it and does what she can to help them," Hines said.

Coming from a family of nurses, Haley has it in her genes.

"I've worked in a nursing home myself in different places and it takes a special kind of person," said Beckham.

Before graduating nursing school, Haley drove up on a fatal car accident in Bowling Green. The accident involved totaled cars and a baby did not survive.

"She was the first one there to try and resuscitate the baby," Hines said.

Even though she was not yet a nurse, and at such a young age, Haley did what she could to try and save a life.

"I would hope and pray that someone like her was around if something happen to me," Hines said.

For her hard work and dedication to those sick in our community, especially during this pandemic, we honor Haley Parker as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.