Hometown Hero: Jane Lewis

FRANKLIN, Ky. (WBKO) -- A woman who had a goal to simply give back to her community of Franklin and help improve the lives of others.

"I don't feel like a hero I am not a hero what happened is that my husband and I decided to start a business, it is a family business," said Jane Lewis, "We decided to start a business because we have always walked with people who are broken and hopeless. We have always walked alongside to give them strength and give them encouragement"

Jane Lewis and her husband Mickey started Hope Haven to give someone a chance when everyone else has given up.

"We realized that people just needed a place to go where it was safe for them, where it was structured and where they received support from other people who had similar life experiences," added Jane, " So we opened this up in March."

Mrs. Jane is not only a hero and role model to her residents but is a hero to her husband and son as well.

"There can be an old woman walking down the street and she will drive by and pick them up and drive them where ever they need to go," said Mickey Lewis, Jane's husband, "She has always had that heart of helping others and helping especially people who are hurting."

"If she had a hero movie she would have 10 movies by now for all the things that she has done. I am so grateful to have a mother like her, a supervisor like her, a boss like her," said Mickey Lewis Jr., Jane's son, "It is so delighting to see her grow into this position and as well as her continue to grow and help others as well."

Since opening its doors in March Hope Haven has been able to change the lives of many who just needed a helping hand to guide them on the right path.

Without Jane and her husband's passion for helping others, none of this would've been possible and those in the program are so grateful.

"Thanks to Mickey Lewis and his wife Jane Lewis they brought me in by the grace of God and I don't know if I had still been out there I don't know where I would be. I think the world of them," Rayburn Bryent, Hope Haven resident.

"Ms. Jane has given me a restart at life, she's been there for me when nobody else has. She has given me chance after chance to get this program going for myself to work on my recovery," said Callie Young, Hope Haven resident.

For Jane's passion of giving back to her community and her love of helping others we honor her as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

"She is definitely a hero in my eyes," added Mickey Jr.

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