Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Kevin Harrod

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BOWLING GREEN, KY. (WBKO) -- If you take a minute to feel your heartbeat and you have a pulse you have something to be grateful for, grateful for the gift of life.

"I will always be grateful for him, because if he hadn’t answered God's call, I’d still be in search of a kidney," said Becky Grise, a lady in need of a kidney.

Kevin Harrod felt it upon his heart that God was calling him for a greater deed.

Kevin claims, “It was something that God told me to do. Going down the road seeing her billboard every day."

Kevin obeyed, following God's call he made the courageous decision to donate a kidney to Becky Grise.

"Kevin has extended my life in doing this, and it's a complete stranger," said Grise.

Two complete strangers who became family.

"He's my new little brother now and I love him like he was my own flesh and blood," Grise said.

Harrod replied, "More than family, I call her mom, she calls me little brother."

But the story goes beyond saving a life. Harrod works for the Warren County Regional Jail and has left an impact on his coworkers as well as those incarcerated.

"He's touched many lives at the Warren County Jail. The inmates have been able to see this mighty act of selfishness that he's gone through. Also, the staff has been motivated by his story that he shared with this whole donation,” according to Stephen Harmon, Warren County Jailer.

Not only has Kevin Harrod saved a life but he has also inspired many even when he was face to face with a daunting decision.

"I was cool as a cucumber the whole way through. I never second guessed it, I never second guessed The Lord," Harrod claimed.

It was faith that overpowered the fear that could’ve been instilled upon him.

"There was a big fear, I feared for his life. After he told me God is calling me to do this… I didn’t question it anymore because that's not for me to question. If God asks you to do something…you do it, and I knew that was the kind of man he was," Kevin’s wife, Lacy claimed.

"God was in control of this whole thing, he knew what he was doing," according to Harrod.

Kevin and Becky went back and forth claiming, "Anywhere you look. He's everywhere. God is good."

Becky Grise emphasized, "If you don't believe in God, then you better be finding that person who can walk you through this if you can't read the Bible and decide on your own. He's everywhere, and everything we breathe and everything we do.

For being an inspiration, a man of faith, but more importantly a saving hero.

"When I hear hero, I think of Kevin because I know if it wasn't for God and him I know I would be on dialysis right now," said Becky Grise.

We honor Kevin Harrod as this week’s Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.