Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Lee Ann Crawley

Published: Apr. 18, 2019 at 10:07 PM CDT
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"I thought, if anyone deserves the recognition that Lee Ann would be that person," said WWII Veteran Elbert Webb.

It may seem ironic. A WWII veteran nominating someone else as the hero.

"He is the hero, he's the hero. Those guys changed our world truly. We need to never miss an opportunity to thank them for what they've done," said Lee Ann Crawley, Bowling Green VA nurse.

"Hard to compare. It's touching. I'm grateful that there is people with her character still here," Webb said.

Last June, Lee Ann volunteered to take WWII Veteran, Elbert Webb, on an honor flight to Washington D.C with 63 other WWII Veterans.

"But it was such a treat to get to go with him. Those guys changed the world," said Crawley.

"Two days up there to D.C. pushin' me in a wheelchair for what they say is over 10 miles from one station to another to see em all," Webb said.

"It is just amazing -- the outreach that I've been blessed with."

Elbert and the other Veterans were welcomed by over 3,500 people waiting to thank them.

"There's no way to tell you how amazing that experience of being welcomed home was for those guys. It was just incredible," said Crawley.

It's not just her daily work at the Bowling Green VA that makes her so admired.

"Personality and her compassion that make her the person that she is, that is what makes her special and above worthy to be a hometown hero," said Susan Stagner, coworker and friend.

"Truly what I do here and what I do with Hotel Inc., it's blessings in my life because I get to do what I love most and that's caring for people. I love it, I truly do," said Crawley. "I was very surprised because I just do what I love. I don't do this for recognition and definitely not attention."

"I've gone now a little over five years. I'm cancer free and God bless her. She's my guardian angel," Webb said. "Had it not been for her I wouldn't be here to tell it." said Webb.

"Her outreach here with our homeless veterans here has been phenomenal," said Stagner.

Crawley and the medicine team from Hotel Inc. go out into encampments every Tuesday to find homeless veterans.

"And it is a huge honor to get to do that for the people that don't have resources," Crawley said.

Crawley helps meet their medical needs such as wounds that need to be dressed and medications that they need.

"I love taking care of these guys and these ladies. They deserve the best care and it is an honor to take care of these veterans," Crawley said.

"Lee Ann I would say is a fine, Christian lady," Webb said. "I tell her, "it is just great that you're Lee Ann. Just keep being Lee Ann."

Lee Ann spends her life dedicated to our nation's heroes, but this time, we honor her as a hero.

"She's a guardian angel for me," said Webb.

This week we honor Lee Ann Crawley as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

God bless you," said Webb.

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