Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Logan Powell

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(WBKO) -- In May, we introduced you to Logan Powell, the seven-year-old who called for help after his grandpa collapsed in a cornfield. The boy not only steals so many hearts with his energetic personality, but his actions on that hot spring day were life saving.

Spend the day with seven-year-old Logan Powell, and you'll know this kid is one of a kind. One who definitely knows no stranger.

"Well, we normally, bushhog and ride the Dixie Chopper but we can't get it started this year, it hasn't been running in like a year and a half," said Powell about what he and his grandfather do for fun.

The 'we' he's referring to there are these two peas in a pod -- Logan and his grandpa, Leroy Childress.

"I can't do nothing unless he's right on my heels," said Childress.

So, it's no surprise the two were together that alarming afternoon when Leroy fell -- and thankfully so.

"First when I saw him, I'm like what are you doing just digging in the dirt," explained Powell.

Once Logan realized he wasn't just digging in the dirt, he sprung into action.

"He did exactly what he needed to do," said Powell's mother,

And so the story goes -- the phone savvy youngster tracking down a signal enough to give family directions.

"Whenever he was at the hospital, he kept on telling everyone how good I was saving his life," said Powell.

"This kid here, if it hadn't been for him, that man right there wouldn't be alive," said Leavia Childress, Powell's grandmother.

It's clear that Logan isn't your average upcoming second grader.

"He's special," said Leavia.

Not many would be able to take that kind of take control in a potentially life-threatening situation, let alone remain calm.

"He tends to stay calm when it comes to 'okay, this is what I need to do,'" said Leann Powell, Logan's mom.

By now, it's obvious that it's not only Logan's heroic actions that make him worthy of this hometown accolade.

"I know the other grand babies are special, but his one right here, he's our first," said Leavia.

Logan just has one of those spirits that make you smile ear to ear, and sharing his bright light with a sometimes dark world just makes sense.

"He will always be our hero," said Leavia.

For his infectious personality lifesaving actions, and for brightening up life, we honor Logan Powell as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

Logan was given a medal and a certificate from the Edmonson County Sheriff's Department for saving his grandfather.

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