Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Todd Latham

RUSSELLVILLE,KY. (WBKO) -- There is a man in the city of Russellville who is described by many men and women as a life savor and a hero.

A recovering opioid addict has become a pastor hoping his story will inspire and save others in the Russellville community.

"Recovery is a selfish program on how to teach you to be selfless and Todd Latham is the epitome of selfless in my book," said Chris Rainwater, staff member at Grace Recovery Home.

Addiction is a complicated thing that many struggle with and sometimes it takes one special person to give them hope.

"I was a bi-vocational pastor and I got hurt at work and they put me on pain pills and I got addicted to those pain pills and I fought that battle for over five years," said Latham.

Todd Latham is a now a recovery addict working as a pastor at the Grace Recovery home in Russellville.

"Now I have the privilege to work with the people who are struggling with the same things I've struggled with is just a humbling experience to see that. Often times when I have people graduate from programs, I'll stand off in the corner and I'll cry because I can see these people 's lives are changing and it's exciting to see," Latham said.

"My addiction started in 2002 and for 16 years of addiction I've been searching for some place to call home. Nothing ever felt like that until I walked into the doors here and that's largely because of Todd Latham," said Rainwater.

"These people come in and they're broken. By the time the leave they have their feet on the ground, they're coming to terms with what they've done and really ready to start a new, they're having their second chance," said Grace Recovery Home secretary.

"My reward is seeing them with smiles on their face and reuniting with their family," Latham said.

"He's a phenomenal person and he really is making a difference in our community and in the lives of event the staff members here."

Todd went from the lowest point in his life to the highest teaching those suffering that there is always another way, another choice, and a better life.

"He'll tell you he didn't save my life, he gave me the tools to save my own life," said Rainwater.

For not saving lives, but giving those struggling the tools to save their own and being a shining light for those going through their darkest times, we honor Pastor Todd Latham as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

"I'm honored to even be recognized, however this is not one of the reasons that I do what I do. I do this to help people not really to get the recognition," Latham said.