Hometown Hero: Valerie Macey

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FRANKLIN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Valerie Macey's first job in health care is one that seems will stick. This quiet house keeping attendant at the Franklin Med Center is positively impacting her coworkers, patients and their families, and people are noticing.

"Without further a due, I would like to announce Valerie Macey as the 2017 Heart of Health Care winner," says Patti Costello, Executive Director for the Association for the Healthcare Environment.

In July, Valerie Macey received the Heart of Health Care Award - a national award given to a front line hospital worker each year.

"She's an awesome cleaner, she's an awesome person, and she's never done any hospital work before," says Kathy Humphries, retired Attendant.

Valerie was shocked to hear her name on the other end of the receiver..

"I'm just doing my job that I enjoy, so I never figured I would get to that position. I'm just doing what i like with the people that I like," says Macey.

A shy and humble house keeping attendant.

"As you can tell I'm not really big on being in front of people," says Macey.

Anyone who sees Valerie at work understands why she received this award.

"Valerie's quietness, humbleness, is her strength," says Annette Runyon, VP/Administrator of The Med Center.

Her patients and their families are the reason she puts her heart and soul into her work.

"They're all special really, and their families are so wonderful," says Macey.

And people notice.

"Patients look to her when they're sick, they talk to her, and she goes above and beyond. it's not just about cleaning their room, it's about trying to make a difference," says Runyon.

In addition, Valerie's co workers see it too.

"Whether they're in our department or not, it doesn't matter, she's still wonderful with the whole hospital," says Humphries.

what drives valerie?

"I love to help people. I love to interact with people," says Macey.

Valerie will be recognized at a national conference in Orlando come September. for her commitment to excellence in health care hospitality.

"(She) just loves people, and that's what makes her good at her job," says Humphries.

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