Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero of the Month: Shirley Lowe

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 9:55 AM CST
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Serving those who are less fortunate, it is an action that some believe we are called to do.

"That's what we are called to do, as Christians we need to love on those around us especially those who are less fortunate and you know as in every community. We have quite a few people who are homeless or are precariously housed and they need to be shown the love of Christ and that is what we do here at HOTEL INC," said Lorie Donohue, a friend and coworker of Shirley Lowe.

And that is exactly what one lady is doing as she has logged over 500 hours of volunteering work at the organization.

Shirley's colleague Beth Carroll said, "To me personally, Shirley has been an inspiration to be a wholehearted volunteer, to come in and just really have the people we serve at heart."

Shirley Lowe claimed, "When I retired from my day job, a lady at church asked me to become involved and I did. Thats been about five our six years ago."

But why, one may ask, why someone would spend countless hours volunteering?

"I think Shirley just has a heart for this community. I think that she loves having the chance to see people move forward and to have their basic needs met when times are tough," according to Beth.

Shirley stated, " I guess it is the way I was brought up, my parents were very giving."

She is touching and inspiring more lives than she can imagine.

"Oh my goodness she has touched so many people, not just the people she works with but with our clients too. I know a lot of people who have been touched and their lives are better for knowing Shirley, especially mine," Lorie claimed.

Shirley's work is not always easy.

Shirley claimed, "The hardest part is not be able to let people take all of the food they really need, that we have to sort of give it out based on the number of people in the family.

With recent funding cuts, their challenges have become more strenuous. As resources become more sparing, HOTEL INC is always look for donations especially with warm clothing as we approach the winter season.

"We can always take food donations of course. It's getting to be cold weather so soups are always important," said Beth

One resources that could never be restoked or replaced is Shirley's help.

Lorie promised, "Oh if it wasn't for Shirley this place wouldn't be running I can promise you!"

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