Homicide Hunter Lt. Joe Kenda visits Bowling Green for Vette City fun

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- From an early morning breakfast speech, to Midday Live on WBKO, then to the National Corvette Museum, Investigation Discovery's Homicide Hunter Lieutenant Joe Kenda spent his day in the Blue Grass having fun and talking about his passion.

"I suffer from it, you pay a price. There's a Bruce Willis movie that said, 'I see dead people', and I really do see dead people," Kenda said.

The job has taken a toll on him, saying "You stand in the victim's shoes because they can't anymore, and you speak for the victim."

"I don't sleep at night, I have nightmares," Kenda continued to tell 13 News. "It's a price you pay for the job."

It doesn't stop the Lieutenant from doing what he loves to do.

"No one gets to play God, no one gets to decide who lives and who dies."

His day in Vette City was full of tours and speeding around the NCM Motorsports Park.

Kenda said, "I'm pleasantly surprised by Bowling Green. It's nice here, and the people are really nice."

At a Crime Stoppers breakfast Wednesday morning, someone traveled all the way from Pueblo, Colorado to see Kenda speak. When talking to him, Kenda couldn't help but loop the conversation back to why he's so passionate for homicide hunting in the first place.

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