Horse Cave officials file response to lawsuit

HORSE CAVE, Ky. (WBKO) - Horse Cave officials have responded to a civil lawsuit filed by Joanie Marie Frazier regarding false arrest, assault, and allegations of a false drug test.

Frazier filed suit Friday, naming Horse Cave Mayor Randall Curry, the Horse Cave Police Department, the City of Horse Cave, Chris Trulock, Larry Dale Martin, and Sean Henry.

The defendants filed a response Tuesday, seeking the the complaint to be dismissed with prejudice, Frazier to be awarded no damages, to be reimbursed costs including attorney's fees, for a jury trial if necessary, and for any and all other relief they are entitled.

Each count was addressed in the response, citing multiple times either insufficient information to respond, or denying allegations altogether.

The lawsuit stems from an incident from February 2018 when Trulock and Henry allegedly came into Frazier's home, eventually arresting Frazier, her fiance, Anthony Owens, and his mother, Sheila Bryant.