How to protect yourself from credit/debit card fraud

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- A crime that only takes some information and a swipe.

"How someone got that information, obviously they had a card made similar to mine, so it is scary," Bowling Green local Will Kronenberger stated.

It's called credit card and debit card fraud, and Will Kronenberger says this is the first time he fell victim of it.

"I spoke to somebody and they said my card was at Walgreens last night for 170-something dollars, in Cincinnati," Will Kronenberger added.

"At first, since it wasn't my bank, I thought it might be a phishing scheme, so I immediately called my bank afterwards. Luckily they were able to block the charge, so I mean I didn't experience any charge reversals or anything like that. So, I mean it was good, but it also is scary to know that you could've fallen victim to that just as easy and you don't know really where it came from," Kronenberger mentioned.

But according to Bowling Green's U.S. Bank Regional President Craig Browning, he unfortunately sees this crime all too often.

"Fraud is actually very prevalent in today's society, as long as we have dishonest people, someone is going to try to figure out a way to steal your money, your identity," Craig Browning mentioned.

But luckily, the U.S. Bank regional president says your local bank and fraud protection company is ready to help out if and when you experience it.

"If you are a victim to fraud or theft, don't let it overly intimidate you. Call your bank, call your credit card company, they'll walk you through the steps," Browning added.

But the first step is on you, according to Browning.

"It's up to you to first identify transactions on your accounts that are fraudulent. Once you notify the bank or credit card company, they'll work with you as a consumer to make it right, and are required to under law by Regulation, Inc."

A common crime starting out in your wallet.

For more information on how you can prevent fraud, including ten simple steps to minimize your chances of fraud and theft, click on the document and link attached to this story.

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