How to win a county beef show

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BARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Barren County Beef Show at the Barren County fair is a sight to see.

One competitor says she has shown cattle across the state and beyond, but competing in her home county is unlike any other.

Mattie Williams says her cattle are treated like queens and kings.

"They eat before I do, they eat more than I do. They are treated like royalty. They get baths everyday, they're underneath constant fans and get feed and hay as much as they want."

To win, your cattle has to walk and stand in a certain way. The cow's back legs have to be a certain way; one foot a little more in front of the other.

"Not too much so they don't look like they're too long or too short. They don't look like a slope or don't look like a hill. You want to be smooth across the top."

Mattie says hours of training to goes into perfecting the moves.

"They have to walk like a cat, one foot behind the other."

Part of the training involves walking and guiding her heifer with a show stick.

"Just keep practicing, days upon days. And finally they just catch on because it's a routine."

Mattie says there are a lot of things she likes about doing these competitions, but she says the most important thing is it gives her self-confidence.

"The more than I win, the more dedication it gives me and the more it pushes me."

Mattie won the Kentucky State Fair with the same heifer she is competing with Thursday night.

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