Hughes Coleman Hometown Hero: Anita Gibbs McClain

Published: Jun. 5, 2020 at 3:25 PM CDT
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COVID-19 has abruptly changed a lot of things in millions of people's lives and one seamstress in the small community if Elkton, Kentucky has decided to use her talents to give back.

"So I decided to get a pattern and I didn't think much of it I thought well I'll just make a few, so I made a few, and then a week later everything started hitting the fan," said Anita Gibb McClain, hero.

Anita has now made over a thousand face masks in a little old house that she turned into her sewing shop business.

"A hundred turned into three hundred a day then it went into 500 and then at one time it was like over 1,000 that I had orders for. Then I started making lists just on a little notebook pad and I just started getting out my fabric and I love my fabric," added McClain.

From the University of Kentucky masks to cheetah print Anita's love of fabric worked out for making a variety of masks and with thousands of orders, she has a few extra helping hands.

"It is just amazing there are some that are so dedicated I have a lady that works with me she has worked here side by side we have cut we have sewn and we have surged," added McClain.

Anita has also been able to donate over 4 thousand masks to her community and medical facilities.

"I donated over 4,000 and every once in awhile now still if it goes to a nursing home or if it goes to medical staff like nurses I will donate to those and senior citizens," added McClain.

Anita is truly using her passion to provide an essential item for many members of her community.

For her kind and giving heart and helping her community during such a crucial time, we honor Anita as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.