Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Jackie Strode

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- From a stint in the Marine Corps to a career with the Kentucky State Police and most recently during his time as Warren County Jailor, Jackie Strode has a history of public service.

"When you take that oath of office, then you have responsibilities to the public," he says simply.

After more than a combined four decades in law enforcement and serving as an elected official, Strode continues to keep an optimistic perspective.

"There were several times that, you know, I was involved where death or where a kidnapping was involved, but I like to stay focused on the positive things," says Strode.

Warren County Jail Chief Deputy of Operations Misse Causey recalls Strode's tendency to put others first.

"He did not only a lot for the jail and for the people who work here and are incarcerated here, he does a lot for the community,"

That theme is affirmed by Captain Brian McPherson, who respects Strode for looking out for others.

"He was really into donating to help not just his family, but other families here who were trying to raise money for certain things."

His list of service included giving back to veterans and being an instrumental fundraiser for Toys for Tots. To Strode, those good deeds were a responsibility of the badge.

"You always need to give back to your community. And as a private citizen you need to do the same thing."

People we spoke with describe him as personable and approachable, and you can easily add humility to the characteristics when describing Strode.

"I appreciate whoever nominated me, but there are many people who have done things who are much more worthy than myself," he insists.

For dedicating his life to bettering all of ours, we honor Jackie Strode as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hero.

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